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The Reviews Are In

"It is enough to make one believe in re-incarnation!"
The Palm Beach Post

"It's a really great show"
The Boston Globe

"First-rate entertainment"
Entertainment News and Views

"It was one of the most campy, fun times I've had in a theatre"
Naples Daily News

"Preston is the real deal"
Omaha World-Herald


Martin Preston and William Garon have performed the Liberace Show on two separate engagements at my theatre to SOLD OUT houses and standing ovations.

If fact, when I first booked them for three performances, between rave reviews and word-of-mouth, they wound up doing 7 SELL OUTS.

I brought them back last month (by popular demand) and once again had to add additional performances. And I keep getting asked when they are returning again.

Martin Preston is, without a doubt, a master of the piano. He can play any request with the artistry and flair of Liberace. And he looks like him and sounds like him, too. I can't even begin to remark on the outrageous wardrobe he performs in. Unbelievable. William Garon is also quite a crowd pleaser. With his handsome good looks, charming wit, and big Broadway singing voice, he adds another dimension that is simply unequaled.

I can assure you box office success with this Liberace Show.

Jimmy Ferraro
Executive Director
Darien Performing Arts Center, CT

This experience was a total pleasure in every aspect. Martin Preston and William Garon are complete professionals. They did everything! All we had to do was supply the space...

Their show was enjoyed by audiences of all ages. There were many "Red Hat" groups, as well as grandmothers and their granddaughters humming along and laughing at Martin's jokes. Everyone commented on how striking William's voice was.

The show itself was a delight. Martin Preston takes on the persona of Liberace perfectly, in looks, voice, and every nuance of action. His piano playing is superb... William is an excellent singer and performer as well... They are great performers, and all-around "nice guys" to work with.

Lynn Hayden
The Mac-Haydn Theatre, Inc.

WOW, what a performance, Martin Preston was fabulous. Mr. Preston recreates Liberace to perfection, he is an accomplished pianist and the costumes were outstanding.

There was interaction with the audience, which is always a crowd pleaser, the audience was enthralled with the vocal renditions by William Garon, what a talented gentleman.

A jubilant standing ovation arose from our audience with the completion of the performance. Our show was very well attended and everyone there had good comments to make... and asked when we would have the show back in the future.

Shirley Oliverius
Program Chair - High Plains Arts Council
Sidney, NE

This was indeed the perfect show for our venue. The matinee was all but sold out and we had many Red Hat members in attendance... They loved every minute of it. I'm still receiving calls and e-mails singing Martin's praises. And, I think at least half of them fell in love with William.

From the presenter's perspective, this show is a joy. Martin and William are wonderfully easy to work with and the show is so nicely packaged that getting it up and running takes less effort than just about any show we have done here. I also appreciated the packet of marketing materials that we received in advance.

Susan Griggs
Executive Director
Pix Arts Council, Lapeer, MI

Not only were we happy and impressed with the show, but also the audience was ecstatic, as was evidenced by their two standing ovations. In fact, both performances received two rousing standing ovations. The audiences experienced something they hadnít for years. After about 5 minutes, it is very easy to forget that this isn't Liberace himself; from the look, the speaking voice, the singing voice, the piano playing, the costumes, to the audience rapport, it was a truly amazing performance. Mr. Preston's performance and portrayal of Liberace is impeccable.

Dennis Hitchcock
Circa 21 Dinner Theatre

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us in February with the 30 shows here in Arizona. Each and every one of our clients are still thanking us for having your show in our series. The performance was absolutely outstanding and a winner in every respect.

The accuracy with which Martin performs as "Liberace" is without equal and his piano artistry is truly exceptional. William is a most complimentary addition to this show with his extremely well-chosen vocal material. William has a truly glorious and well-trained voice and everyone had outstanding favorable comments about the balance of your combined performances.

You were a "class-act" off stage as well. You have an incredible knowledge of lights, sound, and staging. Your demeanor with our clients was also much appreciated. You were always polite gentlemen and professional with everyone you came in contact with.

On stage, the dressed piano you set up along with your beautiful costuming and your dynamic performance transport the audience into another dimension of a historical time gone by. This is as close to seeing Liberace as some people ever got and those who had personally seen him in live performance could not believe the detailed likeness of one of the most vibrant and gifted artists in all of show business.

Thanks for all your hard work in making us heroes in the eyes of all our clients. Hopefully we will be able to work together again soon and enjoy many more successes. Please feel free to use our name for positive recommendations in your behalf.

Paul Lennon
National Performing Artists

Review Excerpts:

From the Naples Daily News:

There are many ways to judge an impersonator - looks, sound, gestures - but Martin Preston passes a test I didn't even know I had - the "Oh my God" test. That's when an impersonator walks out and you're so floored by the resemblance that you exclaim, "Oh my God." He looked so much like Liberace I was stunned. Preston spoke just like Liberace, in a nasal Milwaukee accent with vowels as flat as the Midwest. He also had Liberace's charm, his gestures, his smile. He played the piano like Liberace, with as many frills on the keyboard as on his costumes.

And what costumes they are! - intricate, beaded, sequined, massively bejeweled sparkling things. Liberace obviously never believed that old design adage that "Less is more." Instead, he was an faithful devotee of Mae West's philosophy that "Too much of a good thing is simply wonderful."

Not only does Preston dress, look, sound and tickle the ivories like Liberace, but he also possesses Liberace's playful spirit, that sly sense of humor, that boyish glee. Preston... is an uncanny impersonator. He opened with a medley of George Gershwin tunes, including "Rhapsody in Blue," "The Man I Loved," "Embraceable You" and "Fasinatin' Rhythm." Preston also played a number of tunes Liberace was known for, including "Malaguena," "Twelfth Street Rag" and "Beer Barrel Polka."

Singer William Garon performed during Preston's numerous costume changes. His singing is excellent, and the crowd grew to love him as much as Preston's Liberace. He and Preston would alternate time in the spotlight, Garon's performances giving Preston time to change into a yet even more elaborate costume. Garon performed a medley of tunes from Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma!" as well as a series of tunes from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera." Preston ended with a medley of tunes suggested by the audience.

It was one of the most campy, fun times I've had in a theater since "La Cage Aux Folles." Liberace may have laughed all the way to the bank; I grinned all the way home.

From the Omaha World-Herald:

Preston is the real deal. He not only looks and sounds exactly like the Vegas icon, but he also appears to have inherited a substantial portion of Liberace's wardrobe. He must have changed costumes a half-dozen times, with each outfit being more outlandish than the last.

Like the legendary entertainer, Preston told jokes that veered wildly between quaint and bawdy.

"This coat is made of virgin fox," he told one woman in the front row. "Hey, it takes one to know one."

Also like Liberace, Preston has chops. He opened with a rendition of Tchaikovsky's "Concerto No. 1" that was in the Liberace style, a hands-high-above-the-keyboard performance full of sweep and virtuosity.

He proceeded to another Liberace favorite, an etude on "Chopsticks" that also included some pyrotechnics a la Franz Liszt. And he offered one other amazing magic trick-improvising a virtuoso concerto on tunes suggested by the audience. He called it (what else?) the "Cornhusker Concerto."

From the St. Petersburg Times:

It would be easy to caricature the late pianist Liberace, and many performers do. Thank goodness, Liberace impersonator Martin Preston avoids all the offensive exaggerations and, instead, presents the loveable and loving late musician in a warm, respectful manner that is worthy of the legend's talent and memory. This treatment won not just the applause, but also apparently the hearts of long time Liberace fans who attended Preston's opening performance on Thursday afternoon. This venue provides a rare treat for Liberace lovers. Preston usually performs in large theatres, huge Las Vegas showrooms or on monster ocean liners, but because of his long personal friendship with Angel owners Jimmy Ferraro and Dee Etta Rowe, Preston agreed to help celebrate the first anniversary of the theatre with a series of performances. The four scheduled shows quickly sold out, as did the three that were added later.

Liberace fans are getting more that their money's worth. Preston is a dead ringer for the late musician, from toothy grin and sly wink to the shock of graying hair... Nasal speech pattern, wide "a" sounds and dramatic flinging of arms and bouncing in place as he plays. Preston does Liberace low-key and pleasant, never over-the-top or audacious. His jokes are vintage Liberace 3/4 grown-up, teasingly bawdy, but never offensive. Preston reminds us why Liberace was so adored.

The slower numbers, like Autumn Leaves and September Song, sound the most authentic, and Preston's singing voice and style are un-cannily, almost eerily, like the late performer's.

An unexpected bonus in the show is singer William Garon, a Broadway performer who sings while Preston changes costumes offstage. Garon has a fine, strong voice and a nice stage presence.